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Automate Your Accounting Practice With Ignition + Zapier [Webinar]
Automate Your Accounting Practice With Ignition + Zapier [Webinar]
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Automate Your Accounting Practice With Ignition + Zapier

Accounting automation to date has purely focused on the client accounting ledger. We’ve seen some innovations come into the practice management space, but in no way does this match the impact cloud accounting has had on small businesses around the world.

This video dives into the game changing innovations that are now possible for accounting firms around the world. Where you can now trigger functions to happen, automatically, simultaneously into multiple cloud solutions with every new client that comes into your practice.

This can allow you to save up to 120 hour per month or $50,000 per year if implemented correctly. Take a look at our deep dive session and see exactly what you can do to change your own game on accounting practice automation.

What you'll learn in this video

  • The problem with processes in your firm

  • How to build a scalable process that automates tasks

  • What an API is and how they can help you

  • Ignition launches with Zapier

  • Live examples of Ignition + Zapier

  • How you can get started

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