How many services do I need?
The more work you put into creating a tailored service library, the more you will benefit from Practice Ignition. Services that require minimal modifications at the proposal level allow you and your team to build proposals faster, keep your prices consistent and provide the granularity you need for segmentation and reporting. A good rule of thumb on when to create a new service is when you are often editing the service at proposal level. For example, if you perform conversions for multiple ledgers, it's recommended to have separate services for each conversion.

Service Names
Be descriptive but concise. We recommend keeping similar services prefixed with a common naming convention. For example *Client Review Monthly* and *Client Review Quarterly* allows you to visually group similar services and makes selecting within a proposal, quick and easy.

Important Note: If you are using Xero or QuickBooks Online, the service name serves as the line item description on your invoice. Keep this in mind as you are writing your service names.

Formatting Guidelines
Basic formatting is permitting, however we recommended keeping formatting clear and simple. You can find the formatting guidelines by clicking on the *Formatting* button at the top right of this section and you can preview your formatted content by switching to the **Preview** tab above.

Please note: Placeholders will not work in service descriptions. However, they will be usable in Service Terms.

Service Terms
Service terms can be found in the next tab over and these are used to insert additional language around a service into the body of the engagement letter rather than cluttering the service summary. This is perfect for keeping your service summary clear and concise and having the flexibility to include other important information, terms, conditions and legalese.

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