We recommend checking out the following articles, which provide a great starting point for answering the most common questions in Practice Ignition:

Adjust an Active Proposal: change your offering in the middle of the engagement by adjusting the proposal.

Different Ways To Bill Your Clients: an overview of each billing type, including videos and detailed use-cases.

Payment Overview: How Practice Ignition Payments can help your business.

Client Notifications: Learn how to automatically send new invoices or payment receipts to your clients.

Dealing with rejected payments: Why payments sometimes fail and how to re-schedule a rejected payment.

How to change your service prices in bulk on active proposals: Ever needed to change your service prices on already accepted proposals? Follow the instructions below to discover how to do this in bulk.

Billing Types: On Completion: Choosing 'On Completion' from the Billing Type when creating a proposal, allows you to choose when and how much you want to bill for a particular service.

Creating a new proposal: How to create a new proposal inside Practice Ignition.

Using the Payments section to track all collections and disbursals in your account: The Payments Section of Practice Ignition is a great place to see all payments in process and a thorough history of disbursals.

Xero Tracking Categories: Learn how to use the Xero Tracking Categories feature on clients and invoices that can be pushed from Practice Ignition to Xero.

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