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Information on how Ignition and Karbon works with included commonly asked FAQ's

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Karbon is a new approach to practice management software which improves workflow efficiency, standardizes processes, automate tasks, and allows you to grow your business at scale. You can learn more about Karbon on their website

Connecting Karbon to Ignition allows you to take this a step further. A simple link between your existing services and your Karbon work templates means that whenever a client accepts a proposal, relevant work is created within Karbon so you and your team know what needs to be done.

Please note: This is the first phase of the integration with Karbon. Please provide feedback on your experience with the integration and we'll continue to make improvements over time. The Karbon integration is a premium integration and is only available on Pro, Pro+ and Scale plans.

How does the data flow from proposal to work item?

When a proposal is accepted and Karbon is enabled, each Ignition service that is linked to a Karbon work template will have a work item created in Karbon. The Start and Due dates for work items in Karbon will match the proposal's Start and End dates indicated in Ignition.  

Created work items will be named as per the work template and the below diagram explains how the work items will be created.

How are Ignition clients created in Karbon?

We don't currently import people and organisations from Karbon, however this is planned in a future update. Right now we use the following logic to create a record within Karbon. 

Please ensure that organisation and person names are consistent (i.e. an exact match) between Ignition and Karbon.

Please also note, Karbon requires emails to be unique but Ignition allows you to have multiple contacts with the same email - if the email is present in Karbon, it will be used to allocate work to that organisation or contact.

For this reason, it is best to maintain only unique emails on clients and contacts in Ignition if you are using Karbon.

How to use Karbon with multiple signatures?

If you are on a Pro, Pro+ or Scale plan, you will have access to the multiple signatures.

If you wish to send a proposal with multiple signatures to a client, we suggest setting them up as an Organisation in Karbon first.

The reason for this is due to how the contact sync works (see above).

  1. Set up your client (e.g. A couple) as an Organisation in Karbon

  2. Ensure that the client name in Ignition is an exact match in Karbon

    1. Add any contact details/additional signatories in Ignition

  3. Karbon will link it to the existing Organisation

How to add more contact information from Ignition to Karbon?

Ignition currently only includes contact name information when creating a new contact in Karbon.

If you would like to have more data flow from Ignition to Karbon, we recommend using Zapier to send extra data to Karbon once the proposal signed.

Can I create recurring work?

This cannot currently be created within Ignition and can be facilitated within Karbon as part of their schedule work functionality.  

Can I assign who will own the created work?

This currently can't be set within Ignition. A suitable work around for the moment is setting a default work assignee within your Karbon account in the Connected App settings for Ignition.

What's the relationship between Ignition 'jobs' and Karbon?

The current 'jobs' grouping within the proposal editor is heavily modelled around Xero Practice Manager. Karbon does not support grouped 'jobs', it just has 'work' and it belongs to a person/organisation and has an assignee. 

Grouping your proposal in 'jobs' within Ignition will have no impact on how the work is created within Karbon.

Can I see a reference to the created work within Ignition?

We don't currently surface this information within Ignition. We are reviewing the proposal level 'jobs' tab and do plan on exposing more information and unifying this view in a future update.  

I've made changes to my Karbon work templates, how can I import them into Ignition?

After you have created your Karbon work template, go into Ignition Apps>Karbon and hit "Sync". This will sync your current templates available in Karbon to Ignition and allow you to then map them to your Ignition services.

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