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Duplicate clients in Xero Practice Manager

Troubleshooting tips for client duplicates occurring in Xero Practice Manager (XPM) and Ignition

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Whenever you have multiple client databases connected, there is a potential for client data duplication. This guide will provide a few troubleshooting tips to help you prevent client duplications between XPM and Ignition.

To better understand how data flows between Ignition and XPM generally, please read this article.

How to best identify discrete client records

First, let's go through the best sources of information for identifying client duplications.

Ignition operates in a 2-way sync with XPM, and thus we have a unique XPM identifier for each client (and each client duplicate) we receive from XPM. 

You will find the client XPM identifier in the client record under Apps after clicking Edit Client - this will match the ID in the URL of the client in XPM.

See screenshots below. 

If this ID is present in Ignition the client must have either:

  1. Have been imported from XPM, or,

  2. Synced to XPM when a proposal was accepted by a client

Troubleshooting duplicate client data

There are a few reasons why client duplications may occur, which we have detailed below including suggested rectification steps:

Reason 1: New client was created in Ignition

A client has been created in Ignition, instead of selected from the list of XPM clients

When creating a proposal, you can select a client from the drop-down list, or elect to Create new client. (The drop-down list contains all clients from XPM if you have connected your XPM to Ignition)

Creating a new client in Ignition this way instead of selecting the existing one will create a duplicate client in XPM once the proposal has been accepted.

Suggested rectification step: We suggest implementing a rule in regards to which system you will use to create a client in your practice (either in Ignition or in XPM). 

If you choose that all new clients should be created in Ignition, we would suggest checking that you already don't have that client in XPM. 

If the other way around (create clients in XPM and sync to Ignition) ensure you wait for clients to appear in the drop-down.

You can do a manual sync of the database in the App settings, but depending on how many records you have, and also how many other people are requesting info on the API, this may take some time - be patient to avoid duplications!

Reason 2: Client is archived/merged in XPM

A client has been archived or merged in XPM, but has been selected for a proposal in Ignition that was accepted

When you archive or merge a client in XPM, this client will still be available in Ignition. By maintaining the record in Ignition, we allow you to be able to access proposals that may be allocated to that client.

However, if that client is selected for a new proposal in Ignition, when that proposal is accepted, the client will be un-archived or un-merged in XPM.

Suggested rectification step: Put a process in place for removing clients that includes updating the records in Ignition and XPM. Be sure to update the correct record in Ignition, by checking the unique identifier matches the XPM client URL as detailed above.

Reason 3: Duplicate from Xero via invoice sync to XPM

Client names in Xero and XPM do not match and 'import invoices from Xero' is enabled in XPM

If you have enabled the link between Xero and XPM to allow the import of invoices from Xero to XPM, it is important to check the names in Xero exactly match those in XPM.

If there is even one character difference (e.g. a mis-spelling or punctuation) then a duplicate will be created each time an invoice is synced (even if old records are merged in XPM).

Suggested rectification step: Check client names in Xero and enable the Client name sync if it is not already enabled in the Xero App settings in Ignition.

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