Ignition does not offer immediate phone support. Our preferred method of providing support is via our conversation tool (powered by Intercom) or via email help@ignitionapp.com

We provide conversational or email support instead of phone support for three primary reasons:

1. Critical information, without asking: when you use the conversation tool (or email), our system tells us exactly who you are, and serves us up all the key details we need to know, such as:

  • your business name, 

  • your ID (you're not just a number! but you do have one assigned to you to correctly identify your account :), 

  • your location,

  • even previous conversations you've had with our team in the past. 

All of this means we don't have to ask you these questions and waste your time, plus we have context from any previous correspondence which helps us understand if you have had previous issues or there's other questions we need to follow up with.

2. More information for you: our conversation (and email) tool allows us to embed help articles, screen shots, videos, files, links and many other help resources. Not only does this provide greater context for you, it also means we can provide a more thorough response compared with a phone call. It also means that the next time you have a similar question, you can easily and quickly refer back to the information your support agent shared with you (hint, you can do this directly in Ignition too!)

3. Quality Control: We aim to improve our support with every interaction we have. With a centralized text-based system, we can ask for real-time feedback from you, and our support team leaders can review our chats and provide our agents with helpful feedback on how they could do better next time. Phone support is difficult to conduct quality control on. It's not impossible, but it's not easy. 

What if I just want to talk to someone?

We get it. Sometimes it's just easier to talk to someone to explain the issue you have over the phone. We can make that happen, but please note your call will need to be scheduled. 

When you start a conversation, just let the support agent know you would prefer to get on a call to explain your issue. They'll provide a link for you to select a time that is convenient to you. We prefer to conduct the call via Zoom so that we can share screens to see exactly what you need help with. 

 Please note we do try and offer a call within the same business day, but this will not always be possible based on conversation volumes. To remain fair, we do respond back to all conversations in the order they are received. If you are on our Scale Plan , you will receive priority response. 

I have a technical issue/bug? what's the best way to get help?

We use an app called Intercom. It's not live chat and it's not a ticketing system. It fits right in between. If you prefer email, you can email help@ignitionapp.com

To start a chat:

  • If you haven't been able to find an answer to your question in the knowledgebase, you can start a conversation by clicking this icon in the bottom right corner of your screen:

  • Click "New conversation". and our dedicated support team will be glad to help.:

What's another way to get my complex question answered if I can't call you?

We like to think outside the box here at Ignition. One of the main reasons why customers prefer to make a phone call is because you are able to articulate your questions faster and more clearly over the phone than over chat or email. That's fair enough.

But what if there were a way to create and share a video within the same time it would take to make a call (if not, faster), which also allows you to record your screen at the same time. Please watch the following video which walks you through exactly how to use the free recording tool, Loom

By providing a video, your support agent will be able to quickly diagnose the problem or understand your question, which will then allow them to respond back with a thorough and complete answer. 

Of course, we will be constantly updating our knowledge base (hint: you're here already!) to help you quickly find an answer to your question. If you have any feedback on our knowledge base or specific articles, please let us know!

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