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Zapier: How Do I Filter Zaps To Only Run For New Clients?
Zapier: How Do I Filter Zaps To Only Run For New Clients?

Some actions only happen during new client onboarding. Here's 3 ways to ensure certain zaps only run for new clients (and not for renewals)

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Zapier is a powerful tool during new client onboarding. Ignition amplifies this power through two triggers that are perfect for onboarding clients into a professional service business:

  1. New Proposal accepted: perfect for notifying team members, adding client records in other practice-wide apps, creating folders and updating CRMs (plus much more)

  2. New Service accepted: perfect for kicking off service-specific workflows such as allocating tasks to specific team members, starting an email campaign to request specific information, creating client records in service-specific apps (plus much more). 

Ignition is also powerful for maintaining and renewing your relationships with your existing clients too! Not to mention, eventually your "new client" will make the transition to the "existing client" category. 

Many of the examples used above are examples of tasks that only need to happen once during client onboarding. So when you create zaps that trigger from Ignition, how do you prevent those tasks from happening when your client signs a renewal proposal or signs a proposal for a one-time project (for example)?

Here are three ways to use the filter by Zapier built-in app to set up your zaps to run for your new client tasks only.  Please note, these options are all multi-step zaps, will require a paid subscription to Zapier. 

According to Zapier, the filter app acts "traffic cops for your zaps". They let zaps run when the conditions you set are met, and they'll stop others in their tracks when the requirements are not met.

Option One: Filter by "Client Accepted Proposals Count". 

 One of the data-points that Ignition sends to Zapier is "Client Accepted Proposals Count". In other words, how many times has this specific client accepted a proposal in Ignition?  

In the screenshot below, this zap will create a folder in Google Drive when a new proposal is accepted in Ignition. This is a great example of a task that should only need to happen at the start of a new client relationship. 

To prevent a new folder being created for existing clients signing a renewal or upsell proposal, the 2nd "action" in this zap is to filter to only continue if the "Client Accepted Proposals Count" field has a number less than 2. 

This option is great because it's fully automatic. The downside to this zap is that if you are migrating existing clients on to Ignition, this zap will run and therefore, potentially duplicate folders you might have created manually. 

Option Two: Filter by Proposal Name

Using the same example, This time the zap in the screenshot below is setup to only continue if the proposal name contains the text "New Client". 

It's important to note that you can use whatever keyword/s you like in the proposal name, provided your zap filter is setup to look for it:

This option is great for those that want to have a little more control over when a "new client" zapier workflow should run. The downside to this option is that it does require some discipline to remember to include your chosen keyword in the proposal name. 

Option Three: Filter by an "Onboarding" Service

Using the same example, the Ignition Zapier trigger is now "Service Accepted by Client". This allows us to filter by the service name. In this case the filter is configured to only continue if the service name contains the text "Onboarding"

In Ignition, you can add a new service for new client onboarding (and name it whatever you like, provided it contains the keyword you've chosen to use as the filter). If the service exists to simply kick off an internal workflow, you may choose to set the billing type as an "included service":

This option is great as again, it provides you with more control over when your new client zapier workflows will trigger, but it does require you to remember to include this service in your proposals. 

What if you want zaps to only run for clients renewing a proposal?

There are some zaps that you will want to run for existing clients only. While there are many ways you can achieve this, effectively,  for any of the above options you just need to switch the filter to "does not contain".  The beauty of Zapier is (depending on your account), you can set up zaps for every possible scenario.

For more Zapier help, please reach out to Ignition Support directly in the app or via

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