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How do you change who a proposal appears from?
How do you change who a proposal appears from?

Change who your proposal and personal message appears to be sent from in Step 6 - Presentation.

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When sending proposals from within Ignition, you can select who proposal communications will appear from.

When creating a proposal, select a user in the Presentation tab in the Introduction page section, or leave this as the default, which will send communications from your business. The Display message from field controls who the Personalized Message will come from on the proposal (if you add one).

Adding a personalized message, while optional, is a nice way of adding that personal touch to your proposals.

See below for how the message appears on a proposal when the default (your business) is selected.

This field also controls who proposal emails appear from when you send proposals via email to your clients through Ignition. Finally, it will also be the reply-to set on these emails. 

See below for how from and reply-to fields are set on an email when the default (your business) is selected in the Send Communications From field:

By default, proposal emails appear from your business (a no-reply email) and reply-to your company email which is set in Settings → General in your account. 

If a user was selected to send communications from, their name and email would appear instead (as set under Settings → Team). 

Please note that due to DMARC policy requirements, the from email address for all outbound proposal emails is set to

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