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How do I know if payment collections are enabled on a proposal?
How do I know if payment collections are enabled on a proposal?

Learn how you can quickly identify which proposals have payment enabled

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This article shows you all the different ways to see if payment collection is enabled on a specific proposal or your full list of proposals in both our Classic Proposal Editor and New Proposal Editor.

New Proposal Editor

In our New Proposal Editor, you can view which proposals have payments enabled by using our Proposal Export function.

You can access this export by navigating to your Clients tab → Exports → Proposals, to generate a CSV with the details of your proposals.

Next, you can enter in your desired Start Date and End Date manually, or alternatively use the Date range field as a shortcut.

Once you have selected your reporting period, click Generate Report.

This will generate a downloadable CSV file to your email where you can download your proposal export CSV file.

The Payments column in this CSV file will Indicate what type of payment method was provided upon signing the proposal if payments are enabled.

Classic Proposal Editor

In our Classic Proposal Editor, you can identify payment-enabled proposals in the main proposal screen under the Proposals tab.

The first indicator is before you click through to your proposal. If you see a credit card icon next to the proposal number and name in the main proposals tab, payment collection is enabled:

Pro-tip: If you see the following icon next to your proposal

Then you have enabled continuous recurring billing. This mean recurring invoices and payments will continue to generate and collect past the proposal end date.

Using proposal filters to see all payment-enabled proposals

In the same screen you can also use the proposal filters to narrow down to only see proposals with payment collection enabled. First, you can optionally filter by status (for example, click on active to see only active proposals):

Next, you can click on Add Filter, found in the centre at the top of the proposal list. Once you open up the filter drawer, choose the payment filter and select how you'd like to filter:

Once you've selected your filter criteria, hit apply filter. As an example, if you choose Payments Enabled - Credit Card, the results will only show proposals that are collecting payments from credit cards. The Filter query will populate in the search bar, which allows you to save your filter for fast searches the next time you want to run the same search:

Identifying payment collections from a client's Billing Schedule and Invoices tab

If you click into a specific client, navigate to their Billing Schedule tab to see all upcoming billing items that will be billed from both New and Classic Editors.

You can easily identify which items have a payment method attached in the bottom right hand corner. Learn more here.

To check all items that have been invoiced already and already collected, navigate to the clients Invoices tab. Learn more here.

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