Setup 4: Branding, Taxes And Team Members (3 mins)

The final touches to your Ignition account settings

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The final 3 sections of Settings, on the left-hand menu, are all very quick and easy to run through.


Here you can upload your business logo & set a branding colour. This will ensure your proposals are on-brand and look ever more professional.

If you are on our Pro, Pro+ or Scale plans, you have the option of adding a default brochure that will automatically attach to your proposals when you create them.


If you charge taxes, here's where you add those on. First, you can set whether prices in proposals show as Inclusive or Exclusive of tax and how that tax is labeled.

For example:

  • $100, excluding $10 GST

  • $110, including $10 tax

If you've completed Setup 1 - Integrate your cloud ledger, Ignition will bring in your tax rates from your Cloud Ledger.


If you have additional team members who will be using Ignition you can add them in here.
There are 2 types of users - Member and Administrator.

  • Administrators have access to everything in the Ignition account.

  • Member users have access to everything except for the Settings, the Service Library, and client payment details.

Once these are done, your account settings are complete! Next we'll get your templates into Ignition.

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