Templates 3: Importing your Terms (1 min)

Getting a copy of your terms in to Ignition

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The terms template is where you will setup your contract terms and conditions. To customize this template we suggest you have a copy of your existing terms template/letter of engagement with you in a digital format.

If you don't have a set of terms already, we recommend reaching out to a lawyer, your professional association, or your professional indemnity insurance provider.

You can find your list of terms templates in the Templates tab โ†’ Terms tab on the left-hand menu in Ignition.

You can also click on the New Terms Template button to create a new one from scratch.

Alternatively, you can use our Industry Standard Engagement Terms that is already in your account. You can copy the contents and then use it as a starting point and add your own legalities and clauses.

Please note: We always strongly suggest that you ask your legal contact to review your terms template before sending it to your clients. Our Industry Standard Engagement Terms is not a custom solution for your business!

Once your terms are imported then it's time to review the contents & add any formatting!

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