Templates 5: Email Templates (5 mins)

Learn about the emails that Ignition sends automatically to your clients.

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If you click into the Templates โ†’ Emails/Messages section of Ignition, you will find all the email templates that Ignition will use when sending communications to your clients in different situations.

Clicking on one of these templates will give you more information around the specific circumstances that each could be sent.

The key template to review is New proposal email.

This email is the one sent to your clients when you send them a proposal from Ignition and hence is their first interaction with Ignition and a great opportunity to create a good impression prior to them opening the proposal.

Similar to your terms templates, there are placeholders and formatting to help you personalize your email templates.

Our team has also created an optimized template which you can readily use that is in your account already called New proposal email.

If you're on a Pro, Pro+ or Scale package then you'll also be add additional message templates by clicking New Message Template to set up different emails for different scenarios.

A common example here might be to have a different email for a new client vs an existing client being re-engaged.

When you're happy to keep going, there's just one final (and optional) step to complete account setup & customization!

And if you don't need one of these integrations, then your account is now ready to use. Time to create your first proposal!

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