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Stage 2. Your library of services & templates (1 hour + workflow setup)
Templates 6a: Using Workflow Integrations - Xero Practice Manager (10 mins per service)
Templates 6a: Using Workflow Integrations - Xero Practice Manager (10 mins per service)

Adding XPM workflow automation in to Ignition

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As the final piece to Ignition account setup & customisation we'll come back to the integrations. Specifically, Xero Practice Manager (XPM).

Integrating XPM provides another powerful time-saving automation benefit to Ignition, however, this will also be the most time-costly part of the account setup.

The first thing to do with the Ignition & XPM integration is to get an understanding of how the job deployment works.

In short, on a proposal in Ignition, you set up the framework for job(s) and then the services (selected from your library) add the tasks into those jobs. This is done by linking your services to Job Templates in XPM.

To help with this, here are two helpful resources:

Connecting to XPM

Once you're comfortable with how this works, go to Apps on the left-hand menu and integrate Ignition with your XPM account.

Then create a Job Template in XPM for each service that requires tasks to be completed as part of it.

Next, jump into a specific service in Ignition. You will be able to see a new field called Workflow Templates.

This is where you type the name of the specific job template you want linked to the service. Apply the right XPM job templates to the relevant services within Ignition.

The XPM integration will also import all of your client records from XPM to Ignition, making it even easier to create proposals for them.

And now you're done. Your account is fully set up and it's time to start creating & sending proposals to clients!

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