Creating A Proposal (2 clicks)

How to create a new proposal inside Ignition

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Proposals are a key component of Ignition.

They're used to initiate engagements with your clients, present what services you're offering, have them accept the engagement online and automate your invoicing & payment collection.

You can create a new proposal within the Proposals tab of Ignition (on the left hand menu) by clicking on + New Proposal at the top right of the screen.

As a shortcut, you can also click on the red button at the top of your account - which is visible wherever you are in Ignition - and select Proposal to go straight to proposal creation from anywhere in your account.

Duplicating existing proposals

If you've already got an existing proposal, either as a template proposal or for another client, and the new proposal you wish to create is identical (or at least very similar) you can also create a copy of this by clicking on the proposal then going to Actions → Duplicate.

This will create an exact copy of the proposal but without any client details. This is a very quick way to roll out proposals to a number of clients who have the same package of services.

Now you've created the proposal, it's time to add the details!

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