The Services tab is where you'll add the specific services that you'll be performing for the client receiving this proposal.

If you're using XPM this next paragraph will cover XPM job creation, otherwise feel free to skip down to Adding Services below.

In this screen you'll see, directly under the Services tab, Job Name in grey. This will define the name of the job which Ignition will create in your XPM account.

On the right of this will be Billing Job in green - this indicates the job (if creating multiple) that the invoices created for this proposal will be linked to. Please note; due to the XPM integration it's only possible to have the invoices, and hence revenue, go against a single job.

And then on the very right hand side will be Job Settings - these allow you to add more details to the framework of the job.

As per the Library 6a; Using workflow integrations - Xero Practice Manager article the services you now add will build out the tasks into the job. 

For more on XPM job deployment best practices please check out our Ignition & XPM best practices webinar (co-hosted by Ignition & Xero).

Adding Services

Use the dropdown menu here to select and add a service to this proposal. You can also type into the dropdown to search/refine the service list.

Once you've selected a service you can then customise the Service Description, Billing Type & Price - tailoring them specifically for this client & proposal.

If the Billing Type is Recurring you'll also be able to enable Pro-Rata (covered in the Setup 2: General account settings article).

If the Billing Type is On Completion you'll get an option for Include Deposit which will allow you to set a % of the amount for this service as an On Acceptance payment.

Once Done, click Save Service at the bottom of the Service to save it. You can then add more services to the proposal by clicking Add Service.

Once you're finished with adding all of the services, it's time to breeze through the remaining four tabs of proposal creation!

Proposals 4: Terms, Presentation, Payment & Apps (2 mins)

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