The first thing new customers want to do after they've created their first client proposal is to take a look at it, to see exactly what they've created and how it will look like to the client before sending to their client.

To do this you can click on the View Client Accept Page link within the proposal page. This will open up a new tab in your browser which will show the proposal exactly as your client will see it.

Once you've reviewed the proposal and are happy with the contents, then you are ready to send it!

First click on Actions at the top right of the proposal page, and then Send to Client and this will email the proposal directly to your client to view, add their payment details & sign.

And you're done! Your account is setup, your first proposal is off and you're fully up and running!

If you want to now hit the accelerator and get all your proposals into your account, you can learn how Ignition's team can help with bulk proposal creation.

Rollout 1: Bulk creation of proposals (1 hour)

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