For Australian accounting and bookkeeping practices, each Financial Year (FY) end brings a host of client facing engagement tasks. For you this may involve doing some (or all) of the following: 

  • Individual Tax Return Engagements

  • BAS/STP authority declarations

  • Recurring engagement renewals

  • Sending new proposals in bulk

  • Setting up new payments

  • Communicating with your clients

Click below for a full list of resources that will help you breeze through the FY with ease!

Individual Tax Returns

Sending Proposals and collecting upfront payments for Individual Tax Returns 

Thousands of practices have streamlined their ITR process by using PI, just like Genevieve. Click on the links below to learn more. 

Help Article: A quick guide to using PI for ITRs <ADD LINK LATER>
Blog Article:
How Rebecca from Aptus Advisory uses PI for ITRs

BAS & STP Authorities

Sending new BAS and STP authority declarations for signature

BAS and STP Authorities are critical. PI makes it easy. Choose from the resources below to get your authorisations back faster than ever before.

Help Article: Quick guide to creating an STP Authority Declaration
Preparing for STP with Keypay + Practice Ignition
Help Article Quick guide to creating a BAS Authority Declaration <NEED LINK>

Proposal renewals

Let Practice Ignition take the pain of re-engaging your clients year after year. If you already have lots of proposals in your Practice Ignition account that you need to renew, read on to learn about the options you have available to you. 

Webinar Recording: Expert Proposal Rollovers
Webinar Recording:
How Kevin San from KSA tackles the new year with confidence.
Help Article:
Rolling Over Existing Proposals
Help Article:
Continuous recurring billing

Sending New proposals in bulk

One of the first things you should do as a new PI User is get your existing engagement letters into Practice Ignition. Doing this provides several benefits:
A single source of truth for customer engagements, A single, scaleable process for onboarding, an accurate revenue dashboard, and many many more. Read on to learn how to easily create your existing engagements. 

Help Article: Bulk Creating Proposals
Expert Proposal Rollovers (topic covered at 23:40 mark)


The new FY is a great opportunity to consolidate your payment processing to PI. Having a single process for collecting payments delivers efficiencies and scalability. Read on to learn more about migrating payments onto PI. 

Help Article: Payments Overview
Help Article:
Options for adding new payment details to a client record
Help Article:
Collecting Payment on Invoices That Were Created in the Past

Communicating with your clients

Throughout all of the above activities, communication with your client is key. After helping hundreds of Australian practices navigate the new financial year, we've learned a lot about how to communicate these changes to your clients. The list below is an incredible list of resources to help you communicate effectively.

Blog Article: 8 End Of Financial Year Growth Opportunities
Free Templates:
Email templates for the new financial year
Blog Article:
The Price Increase Letter: How To Tell Clients You're Raising Your Rates
Blog Article:  
How to Introduce PI to your clients

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