How To Send A Proposal To A Client Using SMS
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If you're looking for a creative way to send your proposals to your new prospects, you can use Ignitions' Proposal State Changed Zapier trigger to automatically send your proposal via SMS.

In this example, we will look at how to use the Proposal State Changed trigger to create an automated workflow between Ignition, and Twilio. (Note: there are lots of options for SMS platforms that connect to Zapier. See the options here). 

This workflow automation involves the following steps. 

(1) Ignition

This workflow starts when you are ready to send your proposal in Ignition. With this automated workflow, you have two options:

Send your proposal via email & SMS: If you want to provide options for viewing your proposal to your client, you can send the proposal via email using the native "send to client" action in Ignition. Provided you have a phone number added to their record in Ignition,  Zapier will then pick up the workflow and send the SMS too. 

Send your proposal via SMS only: instead of sending by Ignition's built-in email function (actions>send to client), you'll select Actions> move to awaiting acceptance:

This will change the status from Draft to Awaiting Acceptance, which means the proposal is now available to be signed by your client. It will not send your client an email. Instead, Zapier will pick up the workflow and send the SMS only. 

(2) Filter by Zapier

You'll definitely want to avoid sending an SMS to your client every time you change the status of a proposal in your Ignition account! This is where filter by Zapier will come in! 

You'll be able to set up your filters so that the SMS will only trigger when you move a proposal from draft to awaiting acceptance. More on how to set that up below

(3) SMS is sent via Twilio.

using Twilio you'll be able to send a link to your proposal directly to your client (note: to remove the "sent from your Twilio trial account" message, you'll need to upgrade your twilio account by adding credit.)


Step 1 - Ignition > Proposal State Changed

In Zapier, create a new Zap, search for Ignition, and choose the "Proposal State Changed" Trigger. Follow the prompts to connect your Ignition account. 

Step 2 - Filter By Zapier > Only Continue If...

Next, search for the Filter By Zapier App. Choose the only option (Only Continue If...)
and match the following rules:

Step 1 FIELD: From CRITERIA: (Text) Exactly Matches TEXT: Draft
Step 1 FIELD: To CRITERIA: (Text) Exactly Matches TEXT: Awaiting_Acceptance

Step 3 - Twilio> Send SMS in Twilio

Next, search for Twilio and choose Send SMS

Connect your Twilio account to Zapier and then start customizing your SMS by completing the required fields.

From number: when you set up your Twilio account, you choose a phone number that your SMS's will come from. Select it from the dropdown in Zapier.

To Number: Choose the Ignition "client phone" placeholder from the fields button on the right hand side. Ensure that all your clients have a phone number assigned in their client record.

Message: Write the message you'd like to send to your clients. At a minimum you should always include the "proposal accept URL short" field so that your client receives a clickable link directly to their proposal. You should also identify yourself in the message so that the client knows who the message is coming from (you could use the client partner field to customize this too!).

All proposals are mobile optimized, so your client will be able to view and accept directly on their smart phone.

Turn on your Zap ⚡

Once you've created the steps above you can turn on your Zap and send a proposal to yourself to ensure it's working properly. 

If you get stuck or need a hand you can reach Ignition support at

That's it! You now have an automatic process for handling a new web connector submission for Ignition! 

Happy Zapping 🚀

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