You may be utilising the feature that allows you to hide individual service pricing on your proposals and wondering if the same can be applied to your Xero invoices.

The answer is yes, it can.

In order for Ignition to deploy an invoice to Xero that only displays the total of all services, rather than individual pricing per line item, you’ll need to update your Invoice Branding Theme in Xero.

There are two ways to do this depending on whether you are using a in-built branding theme or a custom (.docx file) branding theme.

Table of Contents:

In-built Branding Theme

If you are using an in-built invoice branding theme, navigate to the Invoice settings page → Options → Edit.

From there, ensure that Show unit price & quantity is unchecked.

Remember to press Save and you are done!

Custom Branding Theme

To do this, log into your Xero account and then head to Settings → Invoice Settings.

You should see all your current invoice branding themes that was likely set up when you first set up Xero.

For this exercise, we recommend a sample theme which is designed to remove individual line items from the invoice. To use this theme, follow the steps below:

1. Click here to download the template

2. Head to your Invoice Settings in Xero (or use this link to go straight there)

3. Click on the down arrow next to New Branding Theme

4. Click on the “Custom .docx” option

3. Give the Theme a name like “No line item pricing”

4. Scroll to the bottom of the window and you should find your newly created theme. Click on the Upload button

5. Click on the browse button under the INVOICE heading (Important: You must use the INVOICE option here)

6. Locate the file you downloaded in step 1 and then upload it.

7. Click on Option → Edit where you can customise the template with your own logo and text etc.

Linking your new Branding Theme to Ignition

The final step involved in creating a new branding theme is to link it to your Ignition account.

There are two kinds of invoices Ignition generates automatically in Xero utilising the Branding Themes in this article.

  1. Invoices where Ignition payments are active.

  2. Invoices where payment is being collected manually.

To set these branding themes in Ignition, you will need to first sync both Ignition and Xero manually to get the new branding theme to appear.

Head to your Apps → Xero screen and press the Sync button.

Wait a minute and then refresh your browser.

Then, head to Apps → Xero → Accounts and invoice terms.

From there you will find a section where you can set a branding theme for invoice deployment where Ignition is collecting payment and a branding theme for invoice deployment where you are collecting payment manually.

Select the no line item theme and assign it to whichever one you prefer.

As there are options here for two payment scenarios, you may want to create 2 versions of the “no line item pricing” theme, one for Ignition payments and one for manual payment collection outside of Ignition.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When clicking through to an invoice from Ignition, you will be brought to the admin view, which contains the specific line items on the invoice.

Your client will not see this admin view.

They will see the PDF invoice which will not have the line items visible. You can check this by clicking the Print PDF button. The PDF will not have line items associated!

For any assistance on the above support article, you can email and one of our team members will get back to you shortly!

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