How To Hide Service Fees In The Letter Of Engagement
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Note: This article specifically relates to the classic proposal editor

In some instances you may want to remove individual service fees within your letter of engagement. 

By showing just a summary of service prices rather than the individual breakdown, you can prevent clients from haggling or asking questions why certain services you offer are priced in a certain way - making for a much smoother client engagement process.

The below shows how the {{ proposal.price_summary }} placeholder is displayed which includes the individual breakdown in pricing.

To change this, replace the {{ proposal.price_summary }} placeholder with the few lines below:

{{ proposal.service_summary }}
*Fees on acceptance of engagement: {{ proposal.on_acceptance }}
Fees on completion of jobs: {{ proposal.on_completion }}
Recurring fees: {{ proposal.recurring }}*

This will display the service summary WITHOUT the price per service. Instead, it will show the sum of the prices paid On Acceptance, On Completion and any Recurring fees. See below.

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