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How Do I Add Services To Existing Engagements In Bulk
How Do I Add Services To Existing Engagements In Bulk
Creating a new proposal and duplicating it across your client base can be tedious. Here's the most efficient way of doing this.
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Times of uncertainty means that things will have to change. As a professional service provider, you may need to change the engagement you have in place with your clients. As a user of Ignition, we’d like to share with you some ideas about how you can help your clients right now (and how to make those changes quickly and easily in your Ignition account). 

Having all of your clients on Ignition is a fantastic thing. You'll be able to have one source of truth for all of your engagements and clients that you currently manage. But, how do we tackle changes to proposals en-masse?

Lets say for instance that your firm decides to sell a new service to all of your clients. All 50+ of them. 

We could adjust 50 different proposals individually. Or, we could create a new proposal containing the new service and duplicate the proposal 50 times.

Or alternatively, you can take advantage of our bulk engagements service which can help create 50 draft proposals at once!

How do I do this?

To do this, you will need to first ensure that all of your clients are imported into your Ignition account. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to do that. This will create Client ID numbers which you will need for this process to work.

Once you have all of your clients into Ignition, export your client list by clicking into your Clients tab and hit the Export button.

Once you press the button, the system will send you an email containing a CSV file with your clients details. Once ready, download the file. Then, copy the columns containing Client ID and Client Name. 

Download this bulk proposal CSV file. Paste the Client ID and Client Name data in there and delete any clients that you do not wish to send a proposal out to.

Next, we’ll be creating a template proposal that we’ll use as the basis of the 50 new proposals.

Create a new proposal and add your new service in. You can simply assign the dummy client ‘Space Ranger’ or create your own ‘testing’ client that can be assigned to your proposal templates.

Once you have created the proposal, the Ignition system will generate a unique proposal ID in the breadcrumbs.

Copy and paste this number across all of the fields in the Rollover Proposal ID field in the bulk proposal CSV file.

Save the file and send it to us at! We’ll take care of the rest. Once we’re finished, we’ll send you a confirmation email and you’ll be able to see all the draft proposals we’ve been able to create for you.

After this has been completed, you can then review and send your proposals.

To review the draft proposals:

  1. Click on "Proposals" from the left side menu, and then select "Drafts"

  2. Bulk select a batch of draft proposals, or select them all if you prefer

  3. Click on Bulk Actions, and then select "Mark For Review"

  4. Review (and edit if needed) each proposal, clicking on "Mark for Review" as you go to move to the next proposal 

To send the proposals:

  1. Select "In Review" on the left side menu

  2. Bulk select the in review proposals

  3. Click on Bulk Actions, and then select "Send Selected"

  4. Review the summary information window

  5. Click on "Send Proposals”.

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