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How do I Change The Payment Method On An Active Proposals
How do I Change The Payment Method On An Active Proposals
Do your clients wish to use another card or bank account to pay for their invoices? Here are the steps to manage this in Ignition.
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Times of uncertainty means that things will have to change. As a professional service provider, you may need to change the engagement you have in place with your clients. As a user of Ignition, we’d like to share with you some ideas about how you can help your clients right now (and how to make those changes quickly and easily in your Ignition account). 

Occasionally, a client may wish to change their payment method if you are using Ignition Payments to collect for their generated invoices.

Whatever the reason may be, this is very easy to do in Ignition! 

Manually entering new payment details

If your client has provided their new payment details, you can jump into their active proposal > Invoices & Payments tab > Manage Payment in your Ignition account.

Then in the slider which appears, click on the 'Add New Payment Method' button.

From here, you will be able to manually enter in the clients new payment method. 

Remember to click the long, grey 'Save Direct Debit/Credit Card Details' button when you are done. Then, select the new payment method and click the orange Save button to lock this in place.

Note: You can save multiple payment method details per client within Ignition! 

If your client has requested to delete the old payment details, you can do so by clicking the 3 dots on the right hand side of an existing payment method and click Delete.

In some instances, clients may be hesitant to provide their new payment details. In this case we can send them a custom, secure link to enter their payment method themselves.

Sending a unique payment portal link to clients

First, jump into the client file in Ignition. Then, click on the Payments tab.

You can find the unique client link in the bottom right hand corner of the page. 

Press 'Copy Link' to copy this link to your clipboard. From there you can paste it into an email or text it to your client!

The form looks like this from a client's perspective:

Once your client has entered in new payment methods, you will receive a notification email advising you of the change.

After your client has done this, it's crucial to remember to jump into the specific proposal > Invoices & Payments tab > Manage Payments button and save the new payment details as the preferred method!

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