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Introducing the New Proposal Editor
Introducing the New Proposal Editor

Learn how to use the New Proposal Editor, a new client-centric way to create super flexible proposals!

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Introducing the New Proposal Editor

The New Proposal Editor is a brand new way of building a proposal in Ignition.

We have built this new system with two main guiding principles in mind - client centricity and billing flexibility. We want to allow you to build proposals and bill your clients in a way that makes most sense to your client relationship.

There are a number of different improvements which we think you'll love:

  • Improved step-based, wizard-like proposal experience with autosave (meaning no more lost proposals!)

  • Support for unit-based billing (bill per day, hour, employee, transaction, entity, person and bill)

  • New flexible recurring billing rules engine (bill weekly, quarterly, every 4 months, every 12 months under ONE proposal)

  • Use projects to group services and provide extra context for clients

  • Ability to give your clients up to three proposal options to choose from

  • Set a proposal effective state date and start a proposal term on acceptance

  • Delay the start to billing (i.e. “first 3 months free”)

  • Automatic On Completion billing (fixed fees) using a specific date

  • Live presentation previews for the client acceptance page from within the editor

  • Proposal templates provided by Ignition and the ability to create your own templates to get started with sending proposals ASAP!

Selecting your editor experience

If you are new to Ignition, you will automatically be using the New Proposal Editor.

If you are an existing Ignition subscriber, the Classic Proposal Editor will still be available, meaning you can always choose between the two depending on what that proposal needs.

Structured proposal creation in the New Proposal Editor

We have improved the proposal creation experience with a step-based process, with each change you make saved automatically!

You can "Save and Close" at any time, or proceed right through to send from the last step of the process. At any time click on a step to go back and review it.


The General step is where you can select a client, as well as the Effective Start Date and the Minimum Contract Term of the proposal.

These together set the minimum period for the proposal. The Start date should reflect the date you commence providing services (or earlier), while the term should be when you expect to finish, or when you would like to review the agreement.

Click here for more information on how to set the Effective Start Date and Minimum Contract Term.


The Services step is where you can define the services and billing on your proposal.

Billing rules help to clearly define WHEN you will bill for a service - for instance recurring every month starting on 1 July.

Once you have a Billing Rule, you can add a service that will be billed by that rule. Services will be suggested from your current service library.

Once you have added a service you can select HOW you will bill for it with a Price Type - fixed or variable - and set an amount for the price.

Find out some tips on adding services and billing rules to your proposal here.

Proposal Options

You now have the ability to include options on your proposals, empowering your clients with greater choice to streamline your sales process!


The Payments step is where you can customize the specific payment settings on the proposal.

Here, you can select whether you'd like to give your client the option of entering in Direct Debit (ACH or BACS in other regions) or Credit Card details. Additionally, you can toggle the Require Payments setting on or off.


The Terms step is where you can select the specific terms template that you would like to use in your proposal, and preview it from within the proposal.

Placeholders will be generated automatically and will change depending on the services that you have added into the proposal. We have made some changes to what placeholders are supported in proposals, you can review these changes here.


The New Proposal Editor currently supports Karbon and Zapier workflow integrations. These are managed in the background outside of the proposal editor and will not show in the Automation step.

Our New Proposal Editor supports our Xero Practice Manager (XPM) integration so you can set up workflow directly on the Automation step within the New Proposal Editor. Please click here for more information!


The Presentation step is where we can configure and preview what the proposal will look like to the client.

We can also preview the communications sent to clients, giving you all the confidence you need to send this proposal to your client on the last step!

Click here for more details on customizing the presentation of your proposal.


And now you are ready to send! Review the client details and email before pressing Send!

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