Introducing the Client Billing Schedule

What is the Client Billing Schedule?

As we move to become a more client centric platform, we've redeveloped the way that billing is displayed in Practice Ignition.

The Client Billing Schedule is our new billing system where you can now view and manage a client's future billing and historical invoices.

Inside a specific client, you'll see two new tabs - the Billing Schedule tab and the Invoices tab where future invoices and past invoices will be housed, respectively.

Each client that exists in your PI account will have their own billing schedule.

Click to learn more about the Billing Schedule tab, the Invoices tab and also how to invoice clients through the new system!

In addition, we've also added a Manual Billing filter which will identify which of your clients have overdue billing and billing due in the next week or month period.

Learn more about Manual Billing here!

We appreciate that this is a new system so to help you get accustomed, please read through the related articles below! We're confident that this will bring more visibility and clarity to your billing and invoices.

Remember - you can get in contact with your allocated Customer Success or Account Manager at any time for any questions or assistance!

Alternatively, you can chat to our Support team by clicking on the widget in the bottom right hand corner of this page, or by emailing us at

Client Billing Schedule Guides:

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