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Sending the proposal

This step allows you to send the proposal to your client directly from the editor.

You should have full confidence in how your proposal looks like as you would have reviewed the Terms and Presentation tab which displays a live preview of what your proposal looks like visually from your client's perspective.

Please ensure that you review the contact on the proposal before you press Send!

If you need to change the contact, jump into the General tab and make the edit.

After you send the proposal, you will be greeted with a confirmation message.

Once you press Close and view Client Summary, you will be directed to the newly created and sent proposal in the client that you have chosen.

Here, you'll be able to see the audit trail of when the proposal was sent. Note that the proposal is now in an Awaiting Acceptance status as it has been sent.

If you need to change any details on the proposal, you can press the Revoke & Edit button in the top right hand corner which will revoke the proposal (so your client's can't see it anymore) and it will put the proposal back in a Draft status for editing.

Live link and client proposal view

Once the proposal is sent, you can click Client proposal view which will open the live proposal.

You can also copy and paste this live link to your clients via other means like a text message or email if you prefer.

Sending the proposal from the client summary tab

If you are in the Client Summary tab, you can click on a draft proposal → Review and send to bring you immediately to Step 7 where you can review the proposal again and send it off to your client.

Here's a quick 1 minute video showing you exactly how this works:

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