What are Price Types?

Price Types define HOW a service is priced - either as a fixed fee or a variable price.

You can have multiple different services that all have different price types on the same proposal.

Price Types include:

  • Fixed

  • Variable - Minimum

  • Variable - Unit (per day, hour, employee, transaction, entity, person, bill)

  • Variable - Range

  • Included (included with no price/no additional cost)

Variable Price Type

A Variable price type requires confirmation by you before it is billed.

For example for a service priced per hour, you will need to confirm of the number of hours to bill.

The expectation is that the amount the client sees on the proposal can vary from the bill they receive.

You can choose to set a variable price as a:

  • minimum price - e.g. from $200

  • a price range - e.g. $100-$200

  • a unit based pice - e.g. $25 per employee

Custom unit based price

If you would like to create your own unit based price, simply start typing in the custom name within the unit dropdown menu, press enter and it will be created!

Fixed Price Type

A Fixed price is a pre-determined amount. The expectation is that the amount the client sees on the proposal will be the amount they are later charged.

You can choose if a Fixed price service will be automatically billed (the default setting) or not by selecting the Billing Mode - see section below.

Unlike a variable service, we do not require further information to bill this service since it was pre-determined.

Billing Modes

When you choose Fixed price type for a service, you will have the option to set the Billing Mode to either bill automatically (default), or manually.

Automatic means that the system will bill for this service as soon as it meets the billing rule requirements that you have applied. No further action is required from you.

If you set the Billing Mode to Manual, this does not mean that you have to create the invoices in your connected ledger - we will still do this for you!

Selecting Manual simply means you are instructing the system that you would like to confirm this ahead of billing. Perhaps you want to be able to adjust the final amount or have the option to bill on a different date.

A Manual Fixed Price service will need to be confirmed before an invoice will be raised - the same as if it was a variable price service.

Please note, you may want to consider setting a variable service price if you are unsure of the amount you will charge the client to make sure expectations are set appropriately.

Also note that all Variable price types will have the Billing Mode set to Manual by definition and this cannot be changed. This is because you will always need to confirm either the final quantity or price before billing the client for a variably priced service.

If you are looking for guidance on building a proposal, please click here!

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