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What are Projects?

Projects are an optional grouping of different service groups within a proposal.

Projects are a good way to explain different component of work to a client clearly.

For example, use Projects to:

  • Define Phases of work for a client - e.g. initial set-up phase vs ongoing services

  • Define Types of work for a client - e.g. Tax Compliance vs Advisory vs Software subscription fees

  • Define clients who will be provided services - e.g. work for business entities vs individuals that are included in the same proposal

Each proposal starts with one project, and more can be added with the Add Project button. There is no limit to the number of projects on a proposal.

If you choose to give a project a name (optional) that name will appear to your client on the proposal client acceptance page. If no name is given, none will appear to the client.

Currently, the only element you can set on a project is the title. However, we do plan to add additional functionality here in the future and would love to hear feedback into how you use projects in your business.

To remove or delete a project from a drafted proposal, simply hover your mouse beside the Project Name and a trash can icon will appear. Click on the trash can icon to remove the project:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do projects relate to "Jobs" from the classic proposal editor?

    If you used "Jobs" primarily as a way to segment up services in the classic proposal editor (for a visual guide, not for XPM Workflow) then you could use projects for this instead and they will appear more prominently throughout the proposal acceptance page.

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