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The Terms tab is where you can select the specific terms document that you would like to use for this proposal.

Your default terms will automatically be selected.

If you would like to attach a different terms template, you can do so by selecting the correct one from from the dropdown box on the right.

There will be a dynamic preview of the terms selected on the left hand side of the screen, pertaining to the proposal that you are currently editing.

Please note that not all placeholders are compatible with the New Proposal Editor. These will appear blank if they are in your terms template.*

The preview on the left will be exactly how your client views the PDF version of the proposal.

This means that you can be confident in sending this proposal to your client in Step 7!

*To see an updated list of supported placeholders, please click here.

Please note that we have ended support for some placeholders as the Flexible Proposal editor has new expanded functionality within the proposal PDF, meaning that these placeholders are no longer needed. Elements like your service description and terms will be included automatically in the proposal PDF which now reflects the full acceptance experience for a client (not just your terms of engagement).

Once you are ready, continue onto the Automation step.

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