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How To Hide Service Pricing On QuickBooks Invoices
How To Hide Service Pricing On QuickBooks Invoices

Create a QuickBooks invoice branding theme that automatically deploys from Ignition without individual service pricing.

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If you are using QuickBooks, you can create a specific invoice style that removes line item prices, resulting in your invoice only displaying the total price rather than a per service breakdown.

Once you set this up and connect your QuickBooks account to Ignition, the platform can use this invoice style when automatically deploying your invoices.

Let's jump into the instructions! You can either watch this quick 3-minute video or follow the steps below.

How to create a new QuickBooks invoice style

First, login to your QuickBooks account and then head to Settings β†’ Custom form styles.

Then, click New Style β†’ Invoice.

(Alternatively, if you have an existing form style you'd like to edit, click Edit.)

A drop-down slider will appear. Here, first enter a name for your new invoice style.

We suggest something like Hidden line item price breakdown.

Next, click Content and then click on the middle section on the invoice (where the invoice line items appear).

You can now un-tick the Quantity, Rate and Amount boxes which will remove them from the invoice style.

Once you're happy, click Done which will save this as a new style.

Assigning the default custom form style

Once you have completed the steps above, ensure that you click the dropdown menu next to Edit button β†’ Make Default to ensure that all invoices generated are using this custom form style from now on.

This means that invoices generated from Ignition from now on will automatically use this style which hide the line items!

Please note that the above steps are the same if you already have an existing Custom Form Style. Instead of creating a new one from scratch, simply Edit your existing one and follow the steps to remove the line item breakdown!

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