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How do I enable the New Proposal Editor?
How do I enable the New Proposal Editor?

New subscribers will have the New Proposal Editor automatically enabled!

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New customers

If you're new to Ignition, you'll start using the New Proposal Editor right away when you sign up.

Existing customers

If you're an existing Ignition subscriber from 2021 and prior, you can choose to use either the classic proposal editor or the new proposal editor when you create a proposal, depending on your client requirements.

If you are unsure whether the New Proposal Editor is right for you, please contact our Support team at or reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager to discuss your options!

Changing your default from Classic Proposals to New Proposals

If you are currently using the classic proposal editor but would like to change your default experience to the New Proposal Editor, navigate to your Settings β†’ General tab.

Then, under Proposal Settings β†’ Proposal Editor Experience, select Always use New Proposals β†’ Save settings.

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