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How to use Review + Pay to collect payment on your invoices
How to use Review + Pay to collect payment on your invoices

Learn how to capture payments through the Review + Pay flow that provides an online payment link with invoice emails!

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If you haven’t captured client payment details at the start of your proposal, you can give your clients the option to Review + Pay for each invoice they receive - directly from the Ignition generated invoice email.

Through our Review + Pay process, you can:

  • Offer flexible payment options by giving your clients the choice to pay each invoice separately or pay all future invoices automatically

  • Make it easier to capture your clients payment details at the start or during the proposal

  • Get paid faster as clients can review and pay an invoice as soon as you’ve completed the work.

  • Provide convenience for your clients to pay online, straight from the invoice email!

Let’s learn how to use this functionality.

Please note: In order to use the Review + Pay functionality, you must have either Xero or QuickBooks connected to your Ignition account.

Including a payment link on invoice emails

When you send an invoice to a client, you can opt to include an online payment link which allows them to review and pay the invoice.

If enabled, the invoice email that the client receives will include a Pay Invoice link. Clicking this link takes the client to a secure payment page (described below).

If the client proceeds to pay, the payment collection process will begin immediately.

This quick 2 minute video below explains this in a bit more detail.

Sharing a client payment link directly

It’s also possible to send a payment link directly to a client. This is great if you’d like to include the link in a personal email or send it via SMS.

Click into a specific invoice you'd like to collect payment for and click Share payment link. Then, copy and paste the link to your client!

Allowing online payment for automatically created invoices

On the Settings → Payment Gateway page, within the Payment Policy section, you’ll find the Allow online payment for invoices option.

Note that in order to use this, client Invoice Notifications will need to be turned on in your Settings → General page.

This controls whether invoices that are created and sent automatically (such as those for monthly recurring services) will include a Pay Invoice link in the email.

The Pay Invoice link will only ever be included if payment for the invoice has not been arranged yet.

Please note: This option also controls the default of the Allow online payment checkbox on the Send Invoice screen (see above). You can always change this each time you manually send an invoice email!

The payment types available for use on the client payment page are controlled by the Accept Credit Card and Accept ACH / Direct Debit / PAD options.

For example, if Accept Credit Card is disabled, clients will not be able to use a credit card to pay invoices via the client payment page.

Important note: If you toggle both the direct debit and credit card payment options OFF, then the Allow online payment for invoices toggle will be disabled immediately. Review + Pay will only work with at least one payment method active.

This quick 2 minute video below explains this in a bit more detail.

The client payment page

When your client clicks the Pay Invoice link in an invoice email, they will be brought to a secure payment page hosted by Ignition, where they can:

  • View the invoice summary

  • View the full PDF invoice (this opens the ledger PDF in a new tab)

  • Select or add a payment method

  • Optionally opt-in to pay future invoices with this payment method

  • And of course, pay the invoice!

When a new payment method is added by the client, it will remain on file and can be re-used in future. This will speed up payment of the next invoice, and make accepting any future proposals simpler for the client.

Clients can also choose to opt-in to automatic payment for future invoices when paying for an invoice.

If they do opt-in, the payment method they provide will be assigned to all future billing items that don’t already have a payment method set. Any future billing items that already have a payment method assigned won’t be affected.

Note: The payment types (Credit Card / Bank Account) available on this page are determined by your Payment Policy settings (see above).

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