You can send or resend an invoice to your client manually at any time from a client’s Invoices & Payments tab.

You can even customize the invoice email with a personalized message and add online payments to allow clients to securely pay the invoice online.

By including an online payment link on the invoice email, you can make it much easier and more convenient for clients to pay their invoices!

Re-sending an invoice can help you follow up on late payments. You can resend the invoice to different or additional recipients if needed and add a message to remind the client payment is overdue, meaning its more convenient for you to follow up!

Introduction to sending invoices

To send an invoice, navigate to the Invoices & Payments tab within the client screen.

Find the invoice need to send and click it to open up the detailed invoice view.

Press Send Invoice from the detailed invoice view.

Note: It is only possible to send invoices when an invoice has been pushed into your connected accounting ledger by Practice Ignition.

We currently are considering and researching the ability to send an invoice for a service without a linked proposal. Stay tuned in the future for more details.

On the Send Invoice screen, you can:

  • Set the email recipients

  • Alter the email subject line and

  • Add a personalised message to the invoice email if you like.

Adding a personal message to your invoice email can help give clients more clarity. You can use the message to describe any work done in more detail, or communicate unforeseen issues.

If payment collection isn’t already scheduled, you can opt to Allow online payments for this invoice. This will include an online payment link on the invoice email the client receives - allowing them to pay quickly and easily.

To learn more about collecting payment from invoice emails, check out this article.

When you’re ready, press Send Invoice.

Alternatively, you can Skip Sending if you do not wish to send an invoice notification email to your client.

Keep in mind if you choose to skip sending, you can always come back and send the invoice at a later stage!

Which invoices have been sent?

To check which invoices have been sent at a glance, look for the Sent indicator.

By opening the detailed invoice view, you can also see when the invoice was sent and who it was sent to.

If the invoice has been sent multiple times, you’ll see one entry for each time it was sent.

Will automatically created invoices be sent to my client?

When Practice Ignition automatically creates invoices (such as when you are providing a fixed-fee monthly recurring service) then you can choose if the client should be sent invoice emails automatically.

The client notification settings are used to control the automatic sending of invoice emails.

To learn more about client notifications, check out this article.

You can control whether a payment link will be available on these invoice emails using the Allow online payment option under Settings → Payment Gateway.

Client experience

Let’s walk through what your client will see when you send an invoice to them from Practice Ignition.

If you’ve included a custom message, it will be shown at the top of the email.

The View Invoice link allows your client to view the PDF invoice from your accounting ledger.

If you enable Allow online payment, clients will be able to pay the invoice by clicking the Pay Invoice link.

If the client proceeds to pay, the payment collection process will begin immediately.

Note: If payment is scheduled or already collected for this invoice, your client won’t see the “Pay Invoice” button on their invoice email.

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