Current functionality

Our New Proposal Editor currently does not have a deposit billing functionality, however we can confirm that this feature is under consideration and research, so keep an eye out for future product updates!

In this article, we will run through an alternate way of creating a deposit.

Alternatively, you can watch this quick 4 minute video below and follow along as you create your proposal!

How to create a deposit

When you are adding services in the New Proposal Editor, follow these steps below:

Step 1

Create a new service group/billing rule that is billed One Time on Acceptance of the proposal. This service will become the deposit.

Add the service into the service group and change the price to the amount you wish to charge for the deposit.

In this example, we'll be using an Individual Tax Return.

Step 2

Duplicate the service group and edit this duplicate's billing rule to be billed however you like.

In this example, we've used a One Time bill on the 31 Dec 2021 (specific future date). Even though this is in the future, we'll be able to invoice this whenever the work is completed - at any time.

Step 3

Add a new Project and drag the duplicated service group to the new project.

Give this project a name.

In this example, we've used 2020 Tax Return.

Step 4

Give the first service group containing the deposit service a project name.

We suggest something a simple as Deposit.

Step 5

Jump into the Presentation step and click on the Summary and Schedule tabs on the right hand side to see the live client preview.

This is what your client will see when they view the proposal.

Check to see if everything is clear! The project name should display and reflect the deposit service, whilst the other project name will display the standard service.

You can now proceed to the next step and send the proposal to your client!

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