New Proposals have a brand new flow where we’ve removed the concept of “adjusting” a proposal.

The reason for this is that once the proposal is signed, the proposal then becomes an immutable record of that agreement between client and service provider for auditing and record reasons.

Like a paper proposal, you don’t return to the original signed proposal to add or cross things off. You send a new proposal.

For the same reason, we no longer 'complete' New Proposals.

Future improvements & developments

We are aware that client relationships evolve over time and this means that occasionally, practices or their clients will need to change the scope of their proposal.

We are currently developing a change request functionality that will address these scope changes. We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve the New Proposal Editor. Stay tuned for more updates!

Please see below for a workaround while we develop this new functionality!

How do I make a change to a New Proposal in the meantime?

In order to make a change to a New Proposal, you will need to end the active services that were generated on the original proposal.

To do this, navigate to a clients Services tab and end all currently active services pertaining to that proposal/agreement.

You can either do this by clicking the End all services button or clicking into each individual service → End service.

Then, you can follow these steps below to create a duplicate proposal with the desired changes.

1. Duplicate the original proposal by clicking into the proposal → Actions → Duplicate

2. Make the changes that are required.

3. Once you have made the changes, we suggest sending the proposal to your client again to sign.

Alternatively, you can move the proposal to an Awaiting Acceptance status → Accept on client's behalf.

If you intend to accept the proposal on client's behalf, you will need to select and confirm the payment method they wish to use (if your client has previously agreed to make payments)

You will also need to enter a reason for accepting on the client's behalf.

How do I make an adjustment to an invoice billed in the future?

In order to make a small change in future billing you can simply edit the Billing Item in the client's Billing Schedule.

To learn how to do this, click this link!

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