The Workflow Tab

Learn how to view, edit, add and deploy workflow, straight from your client's Workflow tab!

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Learn how to view, edit, add and deploy workflow, straight from your client's Workflow tab!

Currently only our Xero Practice Manager integration is displayed in the workflow tab when it is connected to an Ignition account.

Please watch out for future additions and improvements!

The Workflow Tab

The new Workflow tab appears after the Invoices tab within a client.

In this tab, practices will be able to view workflow, edit workflow, add and deploy workflow as well being able to see a workflow record/audit trail.

View workflow

Examine past and present workflow on the left hand navigation bar.

Click into a particular workflow for a more detailed view!

If you have old workflows, you can toggle the Show inactive workflows toggle to view or hide these inactive workflows.

Click into the secondary tabs within the selected workflow to view the Settings, Schedule and Audit for that particular workflow.

Active workflows

Workflows that are displayed on screen mean that the workflow is either:

  • A recurring workflow that has been set up to deploy automatically

  • A one time workflow that needs to be deployed manually

These workflows are still active in some way awaiting deployment either from a date or from manual intervention.

Inactive workflows

Inactive workflows mean that Ignition has already deployed a job and that there are no further actions needed. The system marks these workflows as Inactive.

Note: Ignition can only setup and deploy XPM jobs. It cannot manage existing jobs, even when it is deployed by the system. Hence, one time jobs that deploy once the proposal is accepted can be found under the Inactive status.

Edit workflow

If you need to edit a workflow, you can click on the blue Edit button to edit the following settings:

  • Job name

  • Job description

  • Category & budget (NEW!)

  • Partner, manager and staff members

  • Billings

Please note we currently do not have functionality to edit recurrence settings for jobs that are already deployed! This is currently under development - we appreciate your patience!

If you need to edit a deployed workflow's recurrence, please follow the workaround below:


  1. Duplicate the existing workflow

  2. Archive the existing workflow (ensure you close the current XPM job if needed)

  3. Create and deploy the new workflow from Ignition

Editing billings

At this point in time, we are able to define and assign billings at either a Client level or a Proposal level.

  • Client level - all the invoices under that particular client will be imported and synced to the nominated job in XPM.

  • Proposal level - invoices on a specific proposal will be imported and synced to a specific job in XPM (meaning you can have multiple billing jobs per client).

    • Please note, you can only change this workflow to a proposal billing job if the proposal's invoices were set to be grouped by proposal in the Automation step.

Add and deploy workflow

Adding new workflow

Press the Add workflow button to begin setting up new workflow for this client.

Deploying workflow

Once you have finished setting up workflow and you would like to deploy the XPM job, click into the specific workflow you want to deploy β†’ Schedule β†’ 3 buttons β†’ Create workflow in XPM to deploy this immediately.

Workflow record/audit trail

You can check your current workflow settings or examine errors around workflow deployment by clicking into the specific Workflow β†’ Schedule or Audit tabs.

Workflow guides:

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