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We have updated our Terms of Use as of 8 April 2024 and our Privacy Policy as of 01 March 2022. Read our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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Read our Frequently Asked Questions about our new Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, effective as of 8 April 2024 and as of 01 March 2022.

Why have you updated the Terms of Use?

We have updated our Terms of Use to clarify the existing legal relationship between Ignition and our users, and to simplify the Terms so that all users globally are covered by the same set of Terms.

We weren’t covered by the same Terms before?

Not really. We had different Terms depending on where you were located in the world. You would have had different Terms if you were in Australia, or the United States, or Europe, or other places. We wanted to simplify and centralize the Terms so they were the same for everyone.

What are the major changes to the Terms of Use?

All of our users around the world are now covered by the same set of global Terms. This means that the major change from a legal standpoint is that your “contract” (the Terms) is now with Ignition in Australia, where our headquarters are. As a result, your relationship with Ignition is now governed by Australian law, and the Australian courts in case of a dispute between you and us.

Are there any other big changes?

Previously, when a client of Ignition customer used Ignition to accept a proposal or made a payment through Ignition, they had their own set of terms. We have incorporated the principles of those different terms into the new Terms, so that really all Ignition users are covered by the same Terms.

Why have you updated the Privacy Policy?

Privacy law is constantly evolving. Over the last few years, we have seen the introduction of new laws like the GDPR in Europe, the CCPA in California and the POPI Act in South Africa. We wanted to make sure that our Privacy Policy reflected those laws, and Ignition’s commitment to adhering to privacy laws around the world that apply to you wherever you may be.

Are there any changes about how you treat my personal data?

Absolutely not. We simply wanted to better explain all of our data practices to you, in clear and simple language.

Has anything about Ignition’s services or my use of Ignition changed?

Absolutely not. While we are always striving to improve the functionalities of our services, we did not update the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy because of a change in our services, but for the reasons we’ve already told you about.

What happens if I object to being covered by the new Terms or Privacy Policy?

Unfortunately, the only option you would have is to stop using Ignition. Please reach out to your Account Manager directly so we can address any concerns you may have, or help@ignitionapp.com if you do not have an Account Manager.

What third parties are you sharing our information with?

We routinely share some of your personal data with certain types of third parties who are identified in our Privacy Policy along with what they do with it. Importantly we only share your personal data to third parties who perform functions that are part of Ignition’s services. These third parties may be referred to as “sub-processors”, and you can find the full list of all sub-processors used by Ignition along with their security accreditations on our website.

Who can I contact for further information?

If we haven’t answered your questions, please email legal@ignitionapp.com regarding our Terms of Use or privacy@ignitionapp.com for questions relating to our Privacy Policy. You can also contact us via help@ignitionapp.com or through live chat in the bottom right-hand corner.

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