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Creating proposals in bulk in the New Proposal Editor
Creating proposals in bulk in the New Proposal Editor
Learn how to create your proposals in bulk so that you can fully roll out Ignition in your firm!
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Please note that this feature is only available on our Professional and Scale Plans.

If you have multiple proposals that you need to create and send, take advantage of our bulk proposal creation process!

This process is most suitable when you need to create more than 20 proposals. Otherwise we suggest using the Duplicate function or to create the proposals you need from Provided or Custom proposal template options.

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PREREQUISITE - Exporting and checking your client list

The first step to bulk creating proposals is to check that your clients details are fully populated.

First, export your client list by navigating to your Clients tab β†’ Export.

Please note: If you are connected to Xero, XPM or QBO and you don't have a complete list of clients in Ignition, please contact our Support Team or your assigned Account Manager to import your full client list for you.

Download the CSV file once it is sent to your email (or once you receive it from our team).

In the CSV file, check to make sure the following fields are not blank:

  • Client Name (Column B)

  • Contact Name (Column I)

  • Contact Email (Column J)

If you do not have any blank fields, simply continue to the next section!

Keep this CSV file open for the next few steps.

Otherwise, follow the steps below to correct this.

If you have blank fields

If any of those above fields are blank, simply fill them out and then save the CSV file. Be careful not to make any changes to any other fields - especially the Client ID field (Column A).

Then, click the Import button in your Clients tab and import the CSV file to your account to bulk update your entire client list.

Keep the newly edited CSV file for the next few steps.

PREREQUISITE - Creating Custom Templates

The second prerequisite is to make sure that you have created your Custom Templates (available on our Professional and Scale plans).

If you are not sure how to create Custom Templates, please refer to this article.

Your Custom Templates (and the accompanying Template ID) are what you will use to create proposals in bulk.

Finding the Custom Template ID

Create a new proposal in the New Proposal Editor.

In the Templates Window, select My Templates and click the 3 dots β†’ Copy ID.

Then, the Template ID will be copied to your clipboard and ready for you to paste.

Filling in the bulk proposal spreadsheet

Please click here to download the bulk proposal creation spreadsheet.
(Rows 2 and 3 are pre-filled as an example. Please delete when using!
Remember to download as a CSV file.)

  1. First, open your Client export CSV file. (You should have updated your Ignition account already and ensured that there are no blank fields.)

  2. Copy across the Client ID and Client Name columns over to the bulk proposal creation CSV file.

  3. Copy the Template ID of one of your custom templates and paste it in the custom_template_id column (Column A) for all the relevant clients that will be receiving that proposal.

  4. If your template's Start Date begins On Acceptance, enter the word acceptance in the start_on field (Column E).

    However, if your template's Start Date begins on a Specific Date, enter the word date in the start_on field (Column E). Then, ensure that you enter the start date in the start_date column (Column F) in YYYY-MM-DD format.

    Copy and paste the start_on and start_date fields for all the relevant clients receiving the Custom Template.

  5. Repeat Step 3 & 4 until you have finished filling in Template ID's, start_on and start_date fields for all clients in the spreadsheet.

Once you are done, please send it to our team for processing!


In the bulk proposal creation spreadsheet - if you leave fields blank, the system will simply copy across the settings from the Custom Template.

We suggest keeping it simple and leaving most of it blank to send proposals faster.

However if you want to customize your proposals further, you can enter in data to "override" it. This is NOT required and is an optional step.

Please take a look at the list below if you would like to customize further:

  • proposal_name - You can insert any name in here. This is internal for your practice's reference only. There's a 50 character max limit for this field (e.g. FY2021 - Bookkeeping and Accounting)

  • minimum_contract_length - Define your minimum contract length in months. (e.g. 12, 9, 6...etc)

  • personalized_message - Add a custom personalised message

  • terms_template_uuid - Select a specific terms template to use. The uuid can be found in the URL of your browser when you are editing a specific terms template. (e.g. 2ac7114e-a5cd-40c5-b634-bf56958f45ed)

  • sender_type - This can either be practice or user which defines who the sender of the proposal is. If user is selected, you will need to populate the sender_email field. (e.g. practice, user)

  • sender_email - The proposal sender's email which will be displayed to the client. Please ensure that the email is correct and the user exists in your Ignition account. (e.g.

  • cc_emails - Add an email address if your client needs someone to be cc-ed in on the proposal. Use a space between emails if you need to cc multiple people.


If you wish to add multiple signatories to your proposal, you will need to enter the matching Contact Name and Email in these columns below (click to enlarge).

You will need to ensure that these contacts already exist in Ignition. If they do not exist already, you will need to add them before proceeding.

  • primary_signatory_name - The primary signatory's name (e.g. Albus Dumbledore)

  • secondary_signatory_name_1 - The secondary signatory's name (e.g. Minerva McGonagall)

You can add up to 10 signatories in total if on a Scale plan and 2 signatories in total if on a Professional Plan, by creating and adding additional secondary signatories in new columns.

To do this, simply increase the number at the end of the column header by 1. For example:

  • secondary_signatory_name_2

  • secondary_signatory_email_2


  • secondary_signatory_name_9

  • secondary_signatory_email_9

If you do not wish to use multiple signatories in a specific proposal, you can simply leave these columns blank.

Sending it to our team

Once you have completed the bulk proposal creation spreadsheet, remember to save it and then send it to our team at!

Alternatively if you have a Customer Success Manager or Account Manager, please send it to them directly for processing.

If you are sending it to our team, please format your email with the subject line:


e.g. Growth Accounting - Bulk Proposal Creation - APAC

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