New Proposals have a brand new flow where we’ve removed the concept of “completing” a proposal.

This removes a manual step in the current classic process which will save you time. Accepted proposals will stay in an an Accepted state.

The reason for this is that once the proposal is signed, the proposal then becomes an immutable record of that agreement - just like a paper proposal where you don’t return to the original signed proposal to add or cross things off. You send a new proposal.

The accepted proposal will create services in the Services tab, which then creates billing items in the Billing Schedule tab and once billed, raises invoices in the Invoices tab.

This means if you need to end an engagement with a client - you need to navigate to the specific clients Services tab and press End all services.

Alternatively you can also click into a specific service and click End Service in the details drawer to end the specified service.

Once all services have been ended the client status will automatically change to Inactive. Learn more about client statuses here.

How do I adjust a proposal if I can’t complete it?

Please read about adjusting New Proposals in this article.

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