Multiple Signatures

Need multiple signatures on your proposals? Learn how to add additional signatories to a proposal in this article!

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Multiple Signatures

If you are engaging with a partnership or individual entity that requires multiple signatures, you now have the ability to simply add additional signatories to one proposal!

Let's learn about the multiple signatures feature in Ignition.

Interactive demo

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Number of signatories per plan

Please note: Multiple signatures are only available on Pro, Pro+ and Scale plans in our New Proposal Editor experience.

On the Pro plan, you will have a maximum of 2 signatories on a proposal.

On the Scale or Pro+ plan, you will have a maximum of 10 signatories on a proposal.

How to assign signatories to a client's file

Within the client's file in Ignition, you can assign a primary signatory, add secondary signatories and make edits to the contact details.

  1. In the Clients tabs click into a client's file

  2. In the Summary tab under the Contacts heading→ click the three dots menu to make edits.

  3. Add secondary signatories (signature icon), assign the primary signatory (crown icon) and make edits to contacts.

These are default, but signatories can be adjusted when creating a proposal, as needed.

How to add multiple signatures to a proposal

  1. Create a new proposal and select a client.

  2. Click Add signatory and choose the additional contact(s) that you want to send this proposal to for additional signatures.

    Click on the 3 dots beside the contact to nominate as the primary signatory and to remove them from this proposal.

If you do not have the secondary contact details saved, you can add them in by clicking Edit client → Add Another Contact → Save.

Remember to press Save Client when done! Continue building your proposal out as usual.

Roles of primary vs secondary signatories

Primary signatories are responsible for selecting an option and adding payment details if an options proposal or a proposal with payments is sent.

Once the primary signatory has signed the proposal, all secondary signatories will be notified through email immediately so they can also sign the proposal.

Secondary signatories will not be able to select an option or add payment details. They will see what the primary signatory has selected once they open the proposal and will only be able to view and sign the proposal.

Client Notifications

There are a few different notification emails that will be sent out

  • The “heads up” email

  • The New Proposal email

  • The Proposal Accepted confirmation email

The “Heads Up” email

The “heads up” email is an email that all secondary signatories receive when a proposal with options or required payment methods is sent.

It advises the secondary signatories that the proposal can be signed once the primary signatory has signed. This helps maximise awareness and speed to signature for all secondary signatories.

The secondary signatories have the ability to click the link to view the proposal in the meantime.

The New Proposal email

The New Proposal email is the main email that gets sent to your client which contains the link to view and sign the proposal.

Primary signatories will receive this immediately when you send the proposal. Secondary signatories will receive this email after the primary signatory has signed the proposal.

The Proposal Accepted confirmation email

The Proposal Accepted confirmation email is the confirmation email that gets sent to all signatories once the proposal has been signed by them.

It contains a link to the proposal in PDF form.

The Accepted Proposal PDF

Each individual signature will also appear in the Accepted Proposal PDF under the Agreement Summary.

Reminder emails

Proposal reminder emails will be sent out as per your nominated setting in your Settings → General tab.

If a proposal with options or payment details is sent, primary signatories will receive proposal reminder emails first.

Then once the primary signatory has signed, proposal reminders will start to be sent to all secondary signatories.

Client Proposal Views

Once a proposal has been sent or when it has been moved to an Awaiting Acceptance status, a live client proposal link will be generated for each signatory.

When you click into the proposal summary, you can find their live proposal link by clicking into each signatory on the left hand side.

If you ever need to send the live client links in other forms of communication (email, text message...etc), you can copy and paste these links at your discretion.

Sending the proposal individually

If you need to send the proposal to one of the signatories, you can first select the signatory using the tabs on the left and then click Actions → Send.

Status of a proposal

If a proposal has been sent with multiple signatures, it will still stay in an Awaiting Acceptance status until every signatory has signed the proposal.

This means that you will receive multiple "proposal accepted" notification emails as each signatory signs for the proposal.

Once all signatories have signed the proposal, the proposal will then change to Active.

Revoking a proposal

If you need to revoke a proposal for any reason (e.g. made a mistake, proposal no longer valid, need to change, remove or add a service), you are able to do so as long as the proposal has not been signed by all signatories.

As soon as the proposal is revoked, the signatories will not be able to access the proposal and a ‘proposal revoked’ notification email will be sent to all signatories on the proposal.

The state of the proposal changes from Awaiting to Draft so you can make any changes you want.

If you re-send the proposal, all signatories will need to sign for the proposal again just like a brand new proposal.

Zapier impacts

Proposal accepted trigger

If a multiple signatory proposal is sent out, the Proposal accepted trigger will only activate when ALL signatories have signed the proposal.

This includes if you have accepted on behalf of one or more signatories.

Data inclusions

For a multiple signatory proposal, the following triggers will include the names and email addresses of all secondary signatories as data elements:

  • Proposal accepted

  • Service accepted by client

If the proposal has been accepted on behalf of a signatory, then the data will indicate which particular signatory has been overwritten.


If your terms template or notification templates contain the placeholders {{ }} and {{ signature.client }}, Ignition may change the information generated to the primary signatory for sake of clarity, depending on what screen your clients are on.

Client Accept Page (the live proposal)

  • {{ }} - Defaults to the name of the contact receiving the email

  • {{ signature.client }} - Defaults to the signature of the individual signing the proposal

The Proposal PDF Summary

  • {{ }} - Defaults to the name of the primary signatory

  • {{ signature.client }} - Defaults to the signature of the primary signatory

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm currently trialling Ignition. Can I use and test the multiple signatures feature?

Yes, you can have up to 10 signatories when you are on a trial.

If I create proposals with more than two signatories during my trial, can I still use them if subscribe to a Starter or Professional plan?

You will still be able to edit and send the proposals, however you will not be able to create proposals with more than two signatories unless you are on a Pro+ or Scale plan.

Will resending the proposal trigger the reminders again?

Yes, resending the proposal will trigger a new email to be sent to your client(s) and will also re-trigger any reminder emails associated with the proposal. Similarly, sending the proposal individually to specific recipients will also trigger a new email and re-trigger any reminders for those individuals.

How can I resend a proposal without re-triggering the reminders?

To resend a proposal without re-triggering the reminders, we recommend copying and pasting the proposal link into a new email and sending it directly to your client(s). If the primary signatory has already signed, the proposal link will automatically indicate this.

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