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How to export active services from the New Proposal Editor
How to export active services from the New Proposal Editor

Learn how to export all your active services from the New Proposal Editor to kick-start your proposal renewal preparations!

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If you use an Annual Engagement strategy; when the time comes for your yearly re-engagements, there are two questions that come to mind:

  1. Which clients do I need to renew?

  2. What services are they currently receiving?

This article will explain how to best obtain and use this information when you are renewing your proposals!

For any questions, please contact our Support Team!

What is an active service?

An active service is created when a New Proposal has been accepted. The expiry date of the service is defined by the minimum contract length of the proposal.

A service remains active in two cases:

  • Still within its contracted period.

Example: A one-time service will remain active until the minimum contracted date even though there may not be any future billing items. Once this date has passed it will expire and become inactive.

  • Still billing and has associated items in the Billing Schedule.

Example: A recurring service that has been set to bill indefinitely will remain active past the minimum contracted date. Continuously billed services will either need to be manually ended or replaced by a renewal service to become inactive.

How do services behave once renewed?

If services have been renewed through a renewal proposal, the new service will either become active immediately or will be upcoming depending on the start date of the new service.

  • If the start date is set in the past, the new service will become active immediately.

  • If the start date is set in the future, the new service will be upcoming until the start date.

How to export your Active Services from the New Proposal Editor

In the Clients tab, click Export → Active services.

Note: the export will contain active service data for ALL clients.

Enter the desired Expiring on date.

(Services that expire on or beyond this date will be included in the export.)

Next, enter your desired Reporting period.

(This will calculate the total price and number of billing events between this date range)

Once you are ready, click Generate Report.

This will generate a downloadable CSV file to your email where you can download your active service export CSV file.

Please note that the above process is to export active services accepted from the New Proposal Editor. Classic proposal services WILL NOT be included in this export.

Data included in the export CSV

(Click to enlarge image)

  • Client ID - The Ignition generated client identification number (e.g. 45741)

  • Client Name - ​​The client name (e.g. John Cena)

  • Proposal Reference - Proposal reference assigned by Ignition. This notes the origin of this service - i.e. where this service was generated from (e.g. PROP-0001)

  • Agreed Service URL - Unique service URL

  • Service Name - Service name given, cannot be blank (e.g Accounting services - SMSF - Accounting and Tax Return)

  • Billing Schedule Type - There are three billing schedule types that inform the services Billing Rule

    • Non_recurring - This is a one time service, either triggered on acceptance or on completion

    • Recurring - A repeating service but has a set number of instalments

    • Continuous - A repeating service that is set to bill indefinitely

  • Price Type - Defines HOW a service is priced (more information here)

  • Billing Rule - The billing frequency of that service (e.g Monthly)

  • Price - The individual service value ($400 Monthly or $400 per day will both return a $400 price)

  • Unit - If the price type is unit, this column will return the exact unit (e.g day, hour)

  • Billing Events - The total number of billing events during the specified reporting period (e.g. 4, 52, 104)

  • Price Total - The sum of billed and unbilled value during the specified reporting period. Any unbilled variable minimum or range services will return as 0.

  • Price Currency - The currency of the price field (e.g AUD)

  • Expires On - the service ‘expiry date’ determined by the minimum contract length of the proposal origin in YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g. 2022-06-30)

Inactive services data

This service export will only return active services. Any inactive services that have expired or manually ended will not be visible from this export.

You can see the billed items for inactive services through the Service Revenue export.

The difference between Active Service export and Service Revenue export

The Service Revenue export can be accessed through the Dashboard → Services panel.

The key difference is that Service revenue export will return billable services (i.e. services that have been billed). Services for a client will repeat depending on their billing schedule. This report is an accurate representation of your client billings.

The Active Services export is more of a consolidated view of what has been agreed upon with your client and when it expires. All service types will be included in this export as long as they are still active.

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