Some practices may want to refer to a particular financial or reporting period in your engagement letter so we've added a new field to help with that! Practice Ignition now lets you choose a contract fiscal period end date for your proposals.

To do this, just select the appropriate fiscal period end date when creating or editing a proposal.

You can reference this date in your engagement letters using the ##{{ proposal.fiscal_period_end }} placeholder.

For more information about templates and placeholders, please see this

You can also optionally save the fiscal period end day and month for each of your clients. For example, if the financial year end date for a company is March 31st, you can select this when editing the client:

Now when you create a new proposal for the company, the fiscal period end date will be based on the day and month you've saved against the client. It's always possible to modify the fiscal period end date on the proposal if required.

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