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The Services Panel provides a list of services that generates the most revenue for the current financial year. This provides visibility on which services are preforming well and are bringing in the most revenue.

Please note: This panel will only show the 7 services contributing the highest annual revenue for the period (current financial year). If you wish to get more data, we recommend exporting your service revenue to gain deeper insights.

Services Metrics

The panel breaks down the figures to Month and Year.

Current Month - The sum of all invoiced revenue for that service for that calendar month. Proposal services will need to be active and have an invoice generated for that calendar month. The % also shows the percentage of the service's invoiced revenue compared to the total invoiced amount for the current calendar month.

Current FY - This shows the total annual value (invoiced and projected) for that service for the period (current Financial Year). Only revenue attributable to active proposals that falls within the period (current FY) will be shown here. The % also shows the percentage of the service's revenue based on the projected total revenue of the current financial year.

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