Client Tagging

Learn how to use tags to categorize your clients!

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You can apply tags to clients in Ignition which can be used to search for and filter by to create custom lists.

With the help of tags, you can create filters for quick access and create custom lists that can be exported for additional manipulation.

The tagging system is freeform; you can just type a tag to create one and once it's been added it can be suggested and selected for other records.

Tagging a Client

Clients can be tagged under the client file by selecting Edit Client → Details → View More → Tags.

Tagging in Bulk

Add tags to clients in bulk using the client export CSV file. To receive a client export CSV file via email, go to the Clients tab → Export → Clients.

Add tags by entering tags in the Tag List column.

For multiple tags, add a comma and space (e.g. Tag1, Tag 2, Tag3). Once complete, re-import the CSV file to update your client list in Ignition.

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