Need to edit, remove, or duplicate services in your proposal? Here are some essential functions that will help you manage the services in your proposal.

Note: For help with creating a new service, see our article on Setting up Services.

Editing a Service

To edit existing services, Library → select Services. From here, select the service you want to edit by clicking on the service.

This will open a page where you can edit every field in the service. Don't forget to click the Save Service button when you are finished editing.

Please note: Placeholders will not work in service descriptions. However, they will be usable in Service Terms.

Duplicating a Service

If you have many similar services, you may want to use the 'duplicate service' tool which will duplicate whichever service you are currently in. Just click the 3 dots → select Duplicate.

This will copy the service and will appear as if creating a new one. Save the service once you're done editing.

Deleting a Service

To delete a service in the Library, open the service → click the 3 dots → Delete button.

You can also delete multiple services on the Services Library. Click the tick boxes of the services that you wish to delete. Then click the Bulk ActionsDelete.

Note: Deleteing a service that is included in an active proposal will not affect the active proposal.

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