Sending a Proposal
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All new proposals are created as a Draft so that if need be, you or a senior manager can review the proposal before it's sent to the client.

From within the proposal, you can send the proposal to your client via the Actions button at the top right hand corner. You can also do a range of other actions:

  • Mark for Review will add the proposal to In Review list

  • Send to Client will send the proposal to the Client and add the proposal to the Awaiting Acceptance list

  • Accept on Client's Behalf will change the status of the Proposal to Accepted, action any procedures set up in Xero Practice Manager, and create an invoice in Xero or QuickBooks without sending the proposal to the Client

  • Move to Awaiting Acceptance will change the status of the proposal to Awaiting Acceptance, but will not send an email to the client

  • Mark as Lost will tag the proposal as lost when your client declines your proposal

  • Duplicate will allow you to create a copy of the proposal which you can then edit further if needed

  • Delete will delete the proposal.

Sending a proposal without emailing your client

If you don't want to email your client directly from Ignition, you can use the Move to Awaiting Acceptance action.

This will change the status of the proposal to Awaiting Acceptance without emailing the client. It will also generate a short link.

The short link is a useful way to:

  • Send the proposal to your client over SMS.

  • Send a link to the proposal in a personal, customised email.

  • Have your client to accept the proposal in a face to face meeting.

If you're interested in more ideas for using proposal short links, have a look at our blog post on this topic.

Sending Proposals in Bulk

You can select proposals on the draft proposal screen and will be able to select from the Bulk Actions menu to Send Selected. This will send all selected proposals to the emails specified on each proposal after you confirm.

Reviewing and Sending Proposals in Bulk

Alternatively, you can review draft proposals in bulk in your proposals tab by selecting multiple proposals and clicking the Bulk Actions button and selecting Mark for Review.

This will open each selected proposal one at a time for you to quickly review and either send to In Review for sending, or Leave As Draft if it is not yet ready to send.

Once done, you can view the In Review proposals tab, select multiple (or all) proposals and send them off in bulk using the Bulk Actions button.

For creating and sending Engagements for Groups - click here.

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