Ignition and Xero Practice Manager
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Xero Practice Manager is a practice management solution with a task management system based around the creation of jobs. Use Ignition to create once off and recurring jobs in Xero Practice Manager to manage your workflow and workloads.

For detailed instructions on how to connect to Xero Practice Manager, see our help desk article on Connecting to Xero Practice Manager.

Automated Job Deployment

If you have Xero Practice Manager connected to Ignition, jobs created in proposals will automatically be deployed to Xero Practice Manager as soon as the proposal is accepted.

Ignition can create both recurring and non-recurring jobs. To read more about Recurring Jobs in Ignition, read our article here.

What data is synced across and when?

Two way sync (between Ignition and XPM - daily sync)

  • Client name, client address, postal address, phone, fax

  • Contact name(s), emails, phone/mobile and salutation

  • Partner and Manager - note these will only be imported if they are set-up as users in Ignition. To select users from XPM to import as users to Ignition, go to Settings → Team → Add User and select them from the XPM user linking dropdown.

One way (from XPM to Ignition)

  • Groups - note groups cannot be assigned in Ignition, only imported from XPM

  • Website & Tax Registration (yes/no)

  • Job templates

Imported on initial sync

  • Company Structure

Ignition will NOT import:

  • Client relationships

  • Client status (i.e., if a lead, prospect, client in XPM)

  • Custom fields

  • Tax and financial information - access to tax/company numbers and other financial information is restricted by the XPM API

  • Current jobs, quotes or documents

What happen when you connect XPM and Ignition for the first time?

When you first connect Xero Practice Manager to Ignition and sync the data, all the clients from Xero Practice Manager will be brought across into the clients list in Ignition as Leads.

If you have staff set up in Xero Practice Manager, you will also be given the option to copy them across as users to Ignition. You can import your staff members by navigating to Settings → Team → Add User and select them from the XPM user linking dropdown.

We do not do a 2 way sync of users to Xero Practice Manager, so if you decide to delete a staff member from Xero Practice Manager or user from Ignition, it will not affect the other system.

Your job templates will also be synced across, so when you go to set up your services in Ignition, you can connect them in a simple one-click process.

If a new lead is created in Ignition, their details are not pushed across to Xero Practice Manager until that client has accepted a proposal through Ignition. Upon acceptance, if it is a new client, they will be created in Xero Practice Manager, and a new job is created using which ever job templates are linked to the services deployed.

If it is an existing client, the job will be pushed across under that client in Xero Practice Manager - as long as there is an exact name match in XPM.

For more information about Xero Practice Manager, click here to go to the Xero Practice Manager website.

Got questions? Check our collection of FAQs or get in touch with us at support@ignitionapp.com

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