Whenever your clients receive or accept a proposal, they will be notified by an email message that is automatically sent by the system.

You can customize these email notifications to align with your brand, provide personality or even provide more information to your client before and after the proposal is accepted.

You can access these templates by navigating to LibraryNotifications.

There are a few "types" of messages that are sent to your clients listed in sections here.

New Proposal Message

This is the email message that is sent to your client when you send them a proposal.

By default you will have one email here called "New proposal email".

Edit the contents of the email template by clicking on it.

You can include placeholders for client information such as the contact name of the person you are sending the email to.

The Presentation step in the proposal editor is where you can select which Email Template to use for that Proposal (under the Delivery Channel section).

Adding Multiple New Proposal Email Templates (Professional and Scale Subscription Plans)

You can add multiple New Proposal Email templates if you are on a Professional or Scale plan. If you wish to customise these templates or duplicate them and edit them for your own use, click Duplicate when you are in the editing screen for the specific template you choose.

Click here to learn more about creating multiple New Proposal Email templates.

Proposal Accepted Message

In the next section you can customise the message seen by clients when they accept a proposal.

You have two templates in this section:

  • Proposal accepted on screen message - is the message shown to the client in the browser right after they accept the proposal. See a basic example below. The text of this message can also be included in the Proposal Accepted Email with a placeholder.

  • Proposal accepted email - is the email message sent to the client after they accept a proposal.

You can edit either of these templates by clicking on them.

They cannot be archived or duplicated and you cannot have more than one of each of these templates.

Example "Proposal accepted on screen message":

Miscellaneous Message Templates

The final section contains some email templates that will only be used in some cases and should only be reviewed or customised should you need to use these features:

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