Electronic Signatures In Ignition
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When your client accepts their Ignition proposal, they enter their electronic signature into the box at the bottom of the acceptance page.

We store the name that was entered, the time and date that they accepted the proposal and the IP address of the device that accepted the proposal.

You can see these details by going to the History tab of your proposal.

After the proposal has been accepted, a footer with these details will also appear on every page of the engagement letter.

Showing the signature in the letter of engagement

If you would like to show the client signature at the bottom of the engagement letter, use the {{ client.signature }} placeholder. Edit the engagement letter template and copy this placeholder into the bottom of your template.
Learn more about using placeholders on engagement letters here.

Before your client accepts the proposal, that placeholder will look like a line for signing.

Once your client has signed the proposal, their electronic signature will show there instead of the line.

Accepting a proposal internally

If a proposal is accepted from within Ignition, on the proposal page, we show 'Internally Accepted' where the signature usually is.

In the History tab, it also shows that it was accepted in Ignition on the client's behalf.

On the bottom of the engagement letter, it also shows that it was accepted internally and by which user.

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