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Mapping your Ignition clients to Xero or QuickBooks contacts
Mapping your Ignition clients to Xero or QuickBooks contacts

Learn how to map and re-map your Ignition clients to different Xero or QuickBooks contacts.

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Needing to send your proposal to one entity but send the invoices to another? This is possible through Ignition's client mapping functionality!

Ignition takes care of the proposal, while Xero/QuickBooks takes care of the invoice. This article will show you how it's done.

How does this work?

We automatically link your clients in Ignition to your clients in Xero/QuickBooks based on an exact match name.

If you are creating a proposal for one client, but need the invoices sent to a different client in your Xero or QuickBooks account, you can "re-map" which Xero or QuickBooks client your Ignition client and proposal is linked to.

Re-mapping clients

Please note: These instructions between Xero and QuickBooks are the same, regardless of which app you are connected to.

To change the Xero mapping of an Ignition client, navigate to Clients β†’ Select a client record β†’ Edit Client.

From here, click the Apps tab and click into the field box under App Client Mappings.

You should see your typing cursor start blinking. Then, type in the name of the relevant client (the correct, Single Client Record) in Xero.

The system will find all the the matches. Keep typing the exact client name as it appears in Xero if you want to get more specific.

Select the correct relevant client record in Xero.

Then click Save.

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