If you are not connecting Xero, QuickBooks Online or Xero Practice Manager, read on for instructions on how to import all of your clients details in bulk.

Import your client base via CSV

1. Head to Clients on the left hand side menu and click on Import.

2. This will bring out a slider from the right hand side. From here, click Client Import Template to download a CSV file of the import template.

3. Open the CSV file using a spreadsheet editor of your choice.

Please note: DO NOT DELETE the top row of the CSV file as this is vital for the import to work.

The top row contains the CSV's headers which tells you what details should be entered on each column. 

Enter your client's details on each row. 

The second line contains sample client information for your reference. You can delete this row once you've entered your client's details

5. Please enter the data under the specified columns below. Please ensure that at least these columns are filled in, otherwise the import will fail if even one of these fields are left blank.

  • Client Name

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Email

Note: If you are on a Professional or Scale plan and have Xero connected, you'll have access to import the Xero tracking categories as well in the last two columns.

6. Leave the Client ID column blank. This field is used for updating your client's details in bulk. Click this article to learn how.

7. Once you're done filling out the CSV file, save the file and drag it to the import window.

8. The importer will let you know how many clients will be imported from the CSV. The importer will also show if there are any errors found in your CSV. 

Once this is uploaded successfully, click on Import Clients to begin the import.

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